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our story

Cupcake decorated with cake topper.

My name is Andrea, I make handmade Vegan (egg free/dairy free/no animal products) Cupcakes, Cakes and Bakes.

I was a scientist In London for 17 years before I had a baby and decided to have a career change.

As I was at home after having my son I decided to embrace my love of baking as I had more time to do the things I enjoy whilst my son was asleep.
I was used to the hustle and bustle of London and wanted to keep busy in my quiet time! .


As  an egg free vegetarian of 20 years and now a vegan I  found myself baking as we had an abundance of visitors visiting my new arrival.


I liked experimenting with new flavours as I noticed that there was a lack of good vegan cakes available. Why should vegans have to miss out?

I found that making vegan cakes is not an exact science and it takes time to perfect a recipe that binds and allows the cake to rise. I wanted my cakes to be natural so I didn’t use any egg substitutes. there was great public demand for gluten free produce so I decided to include those as well.

cupcake decorated with cake topper

All of our products are handmade and without an additives or preservatives, and we source high quality ingredients using some organic ingredients where we can. We use no egg replacers as we like the natural approach.

So that was the start of The May Bakery.

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